Are you looking for a specific profile for an internship, work-study contract, or a job? Each year, more than 150 highly qualified scientists graduate from the Life and Health Sciences Graduate School (LIFE) with a world-class multidisciplinary education.

How to HIRE…

A master student for an internship

The internship is an immersion experience that allows students to develop professional skills and apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

First-year master students are required to have a 5-month research internship (between February and June) and second-year master students need a 6-month interneship (between January and June).

Internship offers must include the following:

  • Title of the internship
  • Brief description
  • Related keywords
  • Internship offer contact person
  • Information about the team

Internship agreements must be signed before the end of November.

Students should be paid approximately 600 euros per month (no social security contributions are required).


5 reasons to hire a student for an internship

  • Contribute to a student's education
  • Enrich your company with new skills
  • Prepare for a possible future recruitment
  • Increase student employability
  • Invest in the future
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A doctoral student

Within the CIFRE system (Industrial Conventions for Training through Research), companies can receive funding to hire a doctoral student for conducting research leading to a thesis in collaboration with an external laboratory.

  • The company hires a student with a master's degree in Life Sciences from Université Côte d'Azur on a 3-year fixed-term contract, which is the time needed to prepare a thesis. The company provides an annual minimum salary of €23,484 and assigns research work that will be the topic of the thesis.
  • ANRT (The National Association for Research and Technology) pays the company an annual subsidy of €14,000 over 3 years.
  • Remaining costs for the company can be deducted from taxes via the Research Tax Credit.
  • Applications must be submitted to ANRT, which takes two months to examine each application.
  • The decision to award a grant is mainly based on the company's financial situation, the time and energy it can devote to the project, and its capacity to offer professional training.
  • The students divide their time between the company and a research laboratory as per the terms of the agreement signed between them.
  • The company benefits from the expertise and equipment of the laboratory that supervises the scientific aspects of the CIFRE student's project.

Depuis 1981, les contrats CIFRE ont réuni 9000 entreprises, plus de 4 000 laboratoires et 25 400 doctorants autour de projets de recherche.

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Applications can be submitted at any time, so send us your thesis topic suggestions as soon as possible. LIFE is ready to help you at every step of the process. If you need any assistance, contact us at