Bio-membranes, Pharmacology and Therapeutics



Delphine BICHET, Franck CHATELAIN, Bruno ANTONY, Romain GAUTIER, Isabelle MUS-VETEAU, Guillaume DRIN, Takeshi HARAYAMA


Salle du Belvédère, Théâtre du Grand Château
28 Avenue Valrose, Nice


From December 12 to 16, 2022

The Winter School "Bio-membranes, Pharmacology and Therapeutics" is a thematic school organized by researchers and teacher-researchers of the Université Côte d'Azur. It is motivated by the fact that the lipids and proteins that make up cell membranes are major pharmacological and therapeutic targets. This training course provides in-depth knowledge of the main components of cell membranes (proteins and lipids) and introduces the main themes of current research on bio-membranes as well as the new therapeutic strategies that result from them.

The conferences will take place in Nice.

This Winter School offers students the opportunity to discover the field of biological membranes by :
  • Following intensive courses in cell biology, biochemistry and membrane biophysics
  • Participating in discussions on research and development issues in this area 
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Researchers and teacher-researchers from UCA (CNRS/INSERM IPMC, LP2M, IBV laboratories), researchers from other French (Poitiers, Paris-Sud), European (Genoa, Osnabrück) and International Universities. Private experts in the field of Biopharmas.

  • Very good knowledge of english
  • Knowledge of L3-M1 level in cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics and animal physiology
Number of participants

50 participants

Target audience

This Winter School is open to all students (Master, PhD) as well as post-doctoral researchers, researchers or any other person interested in the subject and meeting prerequisites. Master students of the Life Sciences Master of Université Côte d'Azur will be given priority if places are restricted as they will follow the course in the framework of their Master Programme.

Modalities of knwoledge control

At the end of the training, an individual written test will be organized.