EUR LIFE and companies

Since our students will one day become your employees, our goal today is to educate a new generation of scientists who will be able to meet the major scientific and societal challenges of the future.The Life and Health Sciences Graduate School (LIFE) offers a wide range of excellent degrees and programs in the most competitive sectors of the life sciences and healthcare.


LIFE aims to build close ties with the public and private sector in line with the university's partnership policy with companies. These strong and lasting ties will allow companies to contribute to LIFE's educational content and be recognized by students as full partners in their education.

What you can gain
  • Form public/private alliances to jointly respond to calls for proposals.
  • Take advantage of a national and international network of excellence.
  • Develop research collaborations on innovative subjects with our students and scientists.
  • Help design course content.
  • Gain access to high-tech platforms and our scientific expertise.