The Master of Life & Health Sciences is aimed at providing excellence in training by research. We are mostly aiming at enabling students to pursue a PhD in order to practice as researchers in the public or private sector.
LIFE is placing research and employment at the heart of its training program:
  • We are leaning against centres of excellence located in Nice and Sophia-Antipolis. This enables our students to obtain a high-level research experience through internships in our research teams. They gather more than 80 teams made of more than 300 researchers and 200 graduate students: C3M, IBV, IPMC, IRCAN, LP2M, ISA, ECOSEAS, Tiro-Matos, UR2CA.
  • We are expanding our professional network from local to international companies to provide our students with the opportunity to get an experience in the private sector in out of their internship and find a work placement in the private sector.
  • We have several university libraries on different campuses and one dedicated to Science