LIFE gathers more than 1000 scientists within 82 teams in 9 institutes.
They are internationally renowned for their contributions in research, with a particular strive for excellence in :
  • ion channels
  • biochemistry
  • genomics
  • plant science
  • inflammation
  • clinical research
  • signaling
  • marine biology
  • neuro-endo-immunology
  • ecology
  • parasitic processes
  • cell biology
  • development
  • pharmacology
  • neurological disorders
  • pathophysiological diseases



Tubes à essai
Tubes à essai

Our community that started with fundamental biochemistry and molecular biology rapidly expanded to cover a wide variety of fields including development, pathophysiology, neurosciences, aging and chronic diseases including cancer, metabolic diseases such as diabetes/obesity, biological control and ecology of interactions.

Our research teams regularly receive excellent evaluation from the HCERES (French organization for Research and Higher education evaluation)