Traineeship & recrutement (Students & Employees)

Poignée de main
Poignée de main
In order to provide both companies and students with an eligible offer, LIFE has established mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide variety of companies and in different Medtech/Biotech sectors, which differ in size as they vary from start’ups to multinational corporations.

For companies

  • We offer employees the possibility to attend courses from our training program.
  • Employees can give lectures in our teaching programs or be speaker at one of our events.
  • You can mentor students willing to develop their own start’Up!
  • If your business faces some technical issues or needs consultancy advices in improving itself from a scientific point of view, LIFE can assist you.
  • You can take advantage from our public structure in order to respond to public calls for funding.
  • We will give you access to our national and international network as well as our technological platforms.
  • We would be enthusiastic about developing collaborations on innovative subjects and connect scientists from our top level research institutes.
For any enquiry, you may contact:

For students

  • Étudiants
    We offer students the possibility to join a company of our network in order to complete their internship requirement for the obtention of their degree.
    • Process and requirements:
        - We invite you to submit a demand of i[Ui1] nternship.
        - We provide you with a list of host companies or a work placement of your choice.
        - We will help you to find a tutor at your host company that will follow you during your internship.
  • We have a special service dedicated to entrepreneurship and the creation of start’ups for students willing to add a business edge to their studies by
    • Assisting students with courses on :
        - Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)
        - Transfer of technology
    • Working together in the form of workshops with Invent@UCA

    • Taking minors from the SKEMA MSc courses on entrepreneurship & innovation
For any enquiry, you may contact: