The Life & Health Sciences graduate school of Université Côte d’Azur is governed by 4 boards made of professors and researchers as well as industrial professionals and students.

We tightly interact with each other in a consultative way to address internal and external matters and from every angle. We are actively present in the management of the school and strongly involve both the academic and scientific community to participate in discussions.

The operational team of LIFE directs and orchestrate the School’s dynamics. It comprises the School’s director, its co-director and the project manager.

The larger executive board is made of researchers and member of the academia. It operates on the wider scale such as our academic programs, our scientific strategy or our international partnerships.

The comité de pilotage (CoPil) represents delegates from laboratories, the doctoral school, and disciplinary departments. They elaborate and conduct together with the operational team and the executive board the strategy of the school. Hereby defining the academic program in relation to research, the dynamics between research institutes and the University Côte d’Azur, and international relations as well as responding to needs such as human resources.

The conseil scientifique et pédagogique (CoSP) constitutes the reflection and evaluation committee of our school in regards to our training program in relation to science, our international and professional network, our human resources and financial strategy. The CoSP is for the largest part constituted of elected members reflecting the community in its whole: researchers, professors, admissions, and student representatives for the doctoral and master schools.

The scientific and pedagogic advisory board is made of researchers, professors and representant of the socio-economical sector. They are in responsible for emitting propositions on the strategy of our school.